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Military Wall Plaques

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12" Round Commemorative Military Wall Plaques are made from the finest Baltic Birch and are customized with Name, Rank and Service Dates.   Available for USMC, USAF, USA, USH and USCG.  When ordering, please include the SERVICE desired, NAME, RANK, BEGINNING and ENDING service dates.   As a bonus, you can also add a UNIT designation free of charge.  Examine the examples on display and make your choice.  All plaques are hand-crafted the same day the order is received.  If you have any other questions or special requests for engraving, please don't hesitate to give us a call.


Please note this is only a small selection.  We have plaques for ALL units and agencies, ALL campaigns, ALL aircraft and helicopters, ALL mechanized vehicles, and for ALL ships!  Send us an email request for a catalog of available plaques if you would like to see the possibilities available to you.



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